Terry Pichor

Sonora Resort's award-winning Executive Chef, Terry Pichor, grew up in the picturesque town of Pine Falls, Manitoba and moved to Vancouver in 2002. Trained in classical French cuisine, Terry pursued his formal education on the West Coast and developed a keen interest in rustic flavours from around the world. His talent and technique landed Terry the position of Executive Chef at Sonora Resort soon into his career.

Sonora Resort's kitchen has flourished under Pichor’s direction. Combining old world techniques with contemporary West Coast ingredients, Pichor and his team create unique culinary delights that add to the experience of Sonora Resort. His menus are tailored around the freshest seasonal ingredients that are all locally sourced – and it shines through in his dishes.

Pichor is a two-time medal recipient at the Gold Medal Plates. During Sonora Resort's off-season, he travels the world to hone his culinary skills and broaden his palate. Pichor has ventured to numerous culinary hot spots, including Spain, the birthplace of tapas, and New York City, which is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Most recently, he travelled to Anguilla, the land of abundant seafood (no surprise here as seafood is one of Pichor’s favourite ingredients).

As Pichor is a culinary artist at heart, the chance to work at Sonora Resort – a fast-paced, creative environment that allows him to explore new cultures through food – was an opportunity not to be missed. The clear ocean, rich soil and dense rainforest of the Canadian Pacific coastline continue to inspire Terry Pichor as he creates his ever-evolving menus at Sonora Resort.

Terry Pichor on Global TV

Watch a video of Terry Pichor or Global, introducing a new smoked halibut dish.