Charter Cruises

There is no shortage of spectacular wilderness spots to discover around Sonora Island, and using our extensive knowledge of the area, we’ll create a customized experience for you. Below are four of our favourite tours.

The Bay Cruise

A relaxing cruise through the Gillard Islands, and across the Yuculta Rapids to the small community of Big Bay at Stuart Island. You will receive charcuterie and sparkling wine, or your choice of beverages, while taking in the sights and sounds of this spectacular area of the Discovery Islands. A variety of sea birds, seals and other wildlife can often be spotted amongst the tiny Gillard Islands close to Sonora Resort.

Duration: 1 or 2 hours (guest booked)

Boat Options: 25ft, 28ft, 30ft, 36ft
The Bute Inlet Cruise

A cruise through the majestic Bute Inlet, with soaring peaks of up to 8000ft dominating the views, and sheer cliffs dropping into turquoise waters. From May to June, several waterfalls are in full force with the spring snow melt. Bears, eagles, a variety of sea birds, and small mammals can be seen along the shoreline, with many opportunities for wildlife and landscape photography.

Duration: 3 to 5 Hours (guest booked)

Boat Options: 28ft, 30ft, 36ft

Note: Waterfalls are best viewed May through late June depending on the snowpack. July – October the scenery is spectacular but few waterfalls are visible.

Desolation Sound and Toba Inlet Cruise

Toba Inlet is one of the most spectacular Inlets on the B.C. Coast. Due to its narrow width and steep valley walls, reminiscent of a Norwegian fjord, Toba is a sight to behold. There are year-round waterfalls which tumble down from the heights into turquoise waters of the Inlet. A longer trip down Waddington Channel into Desolation Sound takes you to one of the most popular cruising destinations in the Pacific Northwest; Desolation Sound Marine Park. Beautiful spots such as Prideaux Haven, Squirrel Cove, Refuge Cove, Roscoe Bay, Teakerne Arm, and Castle Falls can be visited whilst enjoying the scenery and a boxed Chef’s lunch.

Duration: 6-8 hours (guest booked)

Boat Options: 28ft, 30ft, 36ft

Activity Rates

Charter CruisesPer hour
25ft Grady White (maximum 3 people)$255
30ft Grady White (maximum 6 people)$445
36ft Grady White (maximum 8 people)$460

Rates do not include GST and carbon surcharges. All taxes, fees and surcharges are subject to change without prior notice.