Eco-Adventure Tours

Embark on a thrilling wildlife viewing experience in the pristine wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, up close and from the water. This tour is a photographer’s delight; Orca and Humpback whales feed, Stellar sea lions bask in the sun, Dall’s porpoises and Pacific white-sided dolphins frolic, and sea birds swoop to pluck fish from swirling whirlpools.

Our open-air 28ft zodiac style boat* zips around the Discovery Islands for exceptional views of marine wildlife and rugged coastline as our wilderness guide offers informative narration through our headset system. When whales are present, pause and listen to the hydrophone to bring the underwater experience alive.

Your knowledgeable wilderness guide will customize each tour to maximize wildlife viewing opportunities and experience our incredible local tidal rapids. We schedule our tours to coincide with tidal conditions when wildlife is most active. Typically, an abundance of wildlife is seen on this tour; however, it is not possible to guarantee particular animal sightings in a natural habitat.

Activity Rates

Eco ToursDurationRate
Minimum 2 guests
Minimum age: 6 years
1 hour$115 per person
 2 hours$230 per person
Eco ExpeditionDurationRate
Minimum 4 guests
Maximum 12 guests
Minimum age: 6 years
4 hours$460 per person

Rates do not include GST and carbon surcharges. All taxes, fees and surcharges are subject to change without prior notice.