Helicopter Glacier Tours

Snow-covered peaks, glacier fjords, tiny isles speckled along the sea—our helicopter tours take you to those rare, wild places in coastal B.C. very few get to see.

We touch down on a glacier or remote mountaintop so you can take in the 360° view and take away a photographic souvenir. Linger longer and enjoy a glacier picnic and champagne while you’re up there to make the day that much more unforgettable. Charter tours can be customized to your interests and, guided by weather and visibility conditions, we’ll choose the perfect time for you to head out.

Activity Rates

Helicopter Glacier Tourper PERSON
1 Hour Glacier Tour $1,320
2 Hour Tour (Glacier Picnic Included - Duration 2.5 hrs)$2,100

Minimum 2 Guests. Rates do not include GST and carbon surcharges. All taxes, fees and surcharges are subject to change without prior notice.