Island Currents Spa

Tucked in amongst the trees, Island Currents Spa takes its cues from nature. Inspired by the cleansing, renewing and purifying powers of the ocean currents that move around our idyllic island, our therapies are crafted to revitalize and relax you.

A member of Valmont’s prestigious V35 club of spa properties, Island Currents uses the Swiss-born skincare line’s products and practices its philosophies—blending the best of nature with advanced science. Our Valmont signature treatments incorporate glacial spring water and essential plant extracts boosted with collagen and triple DNA and RNA to enrich preservation and repair at the cellular level.

Soak away stress with a session in the Bouvier hydrotherapy tub. Relieve sore muscles with a deep tissue or warm stone massage. Invigorate the skin with a sea salt and kelp body scrub. Pamper tired feet with a pedicure and paraffin treatment. Whatever you choose, first let our complimentary water journey calm you with an soothing cycle of shower, steam, mineral dip and repeat.