Phillips River Tours

Teeming with wildlife and steeped in history, the Phillips River valley feeds both ecological and cultural curiosities. Home to bears, cougars, wolves and all five salmon species, the tour explores the area’s natural splendour while also recounting its historical significance, from the first Kwiakah people through B.C.’s industrial age.

An hour-long voyage through the renowned Discovery Islands brings you to the Phillips River estuary where grizzly bears may occasionally be spotted in the grassy estuary or along the banks for the Phillips River.

In partnership with the Kwiakah First Nation, the 5-hour tour benefits the Phillips River Conservancy which works to rebuild the region’s rich eco system. Minimum of 2 guests. Minimum age: 8 years.

Activity Rates

Phillips River ecological TourPer Person
5 hour tour$460

Minimum 2 guests; Maximum 10 guests. Minimum age: 8 years

Rates do not include GST and carbon surcharges. All taxes, fees and surcharges are subject to change without prior notice.