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Island Currents Spa Yoga

Hatha yoga is an ancient practice of connecting the mind and body with the rhythms of the natural world. At Sonora, beginning your day with yoga is the perfect way to embrace the peace and serenity of this beautiful place.

Small, semi-private classes are held by certified instructors who lead you through a relaxing series of postures to the sound of soothing music. In each posture, you are encouraged to quiet your mind, breathe deeply, and allow tense muscles to gently release. The experience is sealed with the meditative pose, Shavasana.

Hatha yoga is a series of gentle, restorative poses that is appropriate for nearly everyone. For those with limited flexibility or chronic injuries, our licensed yoga teachers can suggest modifications so you can enjoy every posture.

For a fully indulgent wellness experience, complete your routine with an Island Currents Spa Treatment and the Water Journey

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