Body Treatments

Sea Mineral Exfoliating Wrap

Infuse your body with vital trace elements and minerals from the sea; exfoliation is followed by an anti-oxidant mineral wrap and concludes with a light relaxing massage.  

75 minute$180.00
Sea Salt & Kelp Body Scrub

This invigorating all over body scrub using wild rockweed and local sea kelp mixed with Pacific sea salt helps stimulate circulation and remove dead devitalized skin cells, maximizing the nourishing and skin conditioning benefits of this treatment.  

45 minute$155.00
Pacific Elements Experience

Indulge in a truly coastal treatment that will leave you feeling grounded and restored. Based on an authentic local tradition of cleansing, the four elements—Fire, Earth, Wind and Water are incorporated. A dry exfoliation of the body and a Coastal Beach Stone Massage is followed by a relaxing soak in the Bouvier Hydrotherapy Tub.

120 minute$230.00