Bouvier Hydrotherapy Tub

Indulge your senses with a rejuvenating treatment in our world-class hydrotherapy tub—the Bouvier Royal Atlantis. Allow its 252 jets to envelop you, relieving aches and tension from your back, hips, and legs. Your body will resonate, increasing your circulation and metabolism. Alleviate subconscious stress caused by over-exposure to fluorescent lighting with the tub’s chromo (light) therapy. A variety of lights will work in unison with the relaxing melodies played from the tubs surround sound speakers to soothe your soul. This extraordinary treatment is the perfect complement to a massage or facial. 

Sea to Cedar Body Renewal Hydrotherapy

This total full body experience harnesses the restorative power of water to renew in unison with the grounding effects of cedar wood, to help detoxify and rebalance the body and mind.

The body is immersed in our state of the art Bouvier Tub; a full hydro massage dissolves tension and prepares the skin to receive our wild rockweed exfoliation followed by a re-mineralising full body mask. The skin of the face, neck and shoulder area is treated to a purifying and hydrating mini facial followed by an invigorating shower. The experience finishes with a light cedar wood relaxation massage. 

2 hour and 30 minute$330.00
Stress Relieving Soak

Eliminate mind and body stress through this wonderfully relaxing treatment. Allow the calming sensations of the hydrotherapy tub and Sea Kelp Soak to ease tense muscles and help quiet the mind, improve sleep and the relaxation response. Followed by a hydrating and soothing massage cream. 

45 minute$90.00
Mini Stress Relieving Soak

A great add-on to any spa treatment.   

20 minute (add-on only)$70.00