West Coast Healing Massage

Inspired by the profound movement of local currents, this massage treatment helps to relieve stress and tension, release impurities, stimulate the circulation and boost the immune system. Choose the aromatherapy oil that most appeals to your personal senses.

60 minute$150.00
90 minute$215.00
60 minute$300.00
90 minute$430.00
Fisherman's Fix

Addressing those tired and sore muscles that are used to reel in "the big one". This treatment focuses on shoulders, neck, back and arms.

60 minute$150.00
Canadian Balsam Oil Firm Pressure Massage

Canadian Balsam fir gum, first used by Canadian First Nations to treat a variety of illnesses and ailments, is utilized in this unique treatment. The balsam fir gum, distilled into an essential oil and blended with vitamin E, sunflower, avocado and argan oils and the essential oils of eucalyptus, India spearmint, tea tree and lavender, results in a restorative and deeply therapeutic massage.

60 minute$170.00
90 minute$230.00
Coastal Beach Stone Massage

A deeply grounding treatment excellent for stress relief and overall relaxation. The deep penetrating heat from the stones soothes sore muscles and relaxes the body.

90 minute$260.00
90 minute$520.00