Valmont Signature Treatments

Our innovative facial and body treatments combine superior technical knowledge utilizing glacial spring water, essential plant extracts, primitive collagen and highly polymerized DNA, triple DNA, Liposome DNA and RNA to aid in preservation and repair at the cellular level.


Elixir des Glaciers

Illuminate your beauty… When the quintessence of a formula meets with an extremely rich protocol, it leads to a wholesome anti-age, firming and enhancing treatment for the face. A high performance luxury treatment, using exceptional Elixir des Glaciers products—richly made to order formulas which provide the most precious gift to your skin. 

90 min$650.00

Vitality of the Glaciers

A booster of cellular renewal, Vitality of the Glaciers offers genuine rejuvenation to your skin inspired by the forces of eternal snows. The result is glowing, radiant skin that is undeniably refreshed and renewed.

Complete 60 minute

This original and symbolic treatment provides your skin with the vigor and energy required for its beauty. A genuine rebirth that will make you look ravishing.

Complete 60 min$240.00

Intensive 90 minute

After a relaxing introduction for the body, this highly technical treatment reinvents the skin thanks to the CELLULAR COMPLEX VITALITY intensive treatment. The product and the gorgeous treatment technique act in total synergy, leaving the face refreshed, smoothed, detoxed and oxygenated… as if after a hike on a glacier.

Intensive 90 min$290.00


Brightness of Ice Facial

Dedicated to restoring youthful purity, this treatment offers the perfect solution for gently awakening a bright, even and refined complexion while providing comprehensive anti-aging action.

Complete 60 min$280.00
Intensive 90 min$390.00


Purity of Alps

Clean, purified, balanced. This treatment cleanses without stripping, and leaves the skin ideally hydrated and incredibly soft and glowing. 

Complete 60 min$240.00


Facial Plumping Collagen Enhancement 

Improves firmness, elasticity, lifting and deep hydration.

Per treatment$85.00
Eye Lift Collagen Enhancement  

Fight puffiness, dark circles and fine lines while firming and revitalizing the fragile skin around the eyes.

Per treatment$55.00