Corporate Fishing Retreats - BC Style

Last week we had our first really big corporate fishing derby of the season with 27 boats fishing for two afternoons. Local fishing guides from all over the area came to take guests out, and everyone set out in hopes of finding the biggest spring salmon. I always love big fishing derbies because all of our guides get a little competitive and everyone is really excited to get out on the water and hopefully find that elusive Tyee. Our dock was packed with boats, keen fishing guides and lots of eager guests.

The boats headed to different areas up beautiful Bute Inlet to enjoy a nice hot summery afternoon of productive fishing. Many of our guests came back with reports of black bear sightings along the shores of the inlet – with the berries ripening a bit late this year, the bears have still been hanging around along the water line, beachcombing for shellfish and anything they can find to eat. 

After 5 hours of fishing in Bute Inlet, the boats poured back into the resort with bucket loads of salmon each evening. Our brand new digital (and perhaps, a little too-accurate) fish scale became quite controversial as guides weighed in all their salmon – there is now absolutely no way to fudge even an ounce when weighing in fish! The first place salmon weighed in at 32.1 pounds, while second place came in at 29.7 pounds – almost a Tyee!

Two 22.3 pounders tied for third, and plenty of barbeque-size salmon came in as well. This annual derby caught more fish in total than usual, so we believe this is a sign of good fishing to come for the summer season!


Kaitlin Ross
Marine Operations Manager