Autumn Adventures

There’s so much to discover in the waters surrounding Sonora Island, especially in the fall. Lately we've been having consistent sightings of Pacific White Sided Dolphins, Steller Sea Lions and the local seals and Bald Eagles which usually hanging around close to the resort. The Stellar Sea Lions are often seen right off the dock while they fish, but they also haul-out on the rocks on Jimmy Judd Island, where you can watch them lazing around in the sun. We are still hearing reports of Humpback Whales in Discovery Passage and both Resident and Transient Orcas have been appearing in our local waters from time to time as well. These misty autumn days make for beautiful, scenic photos on the water and our Eco Adventure Tour boat is wide open, and ideal for photography. Whether you’re a photographer or simply a nature lover, come visit us now and savour the sights!