New 2019 Fishing Regulations and Limits

Dear Guests,

We wanted to write you about the new 2019 regulation changes for Chinook salmon fishing in British Columbia. In order to help conserve endangered Chinook salmon in the Fraser River, Fisheries and Oceans Canada has announced there will be no recreational or commercial retention of Chinook salmon in Southern British Columbia waters until July 15th for recreational anglers and August 1st for commercial fishermen.

As stewards of wild salmon and the environment, we respect this decision by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Sonora Resort has worked diligently with the Gillard Pass Fisheries Association since the early 1980s to aid in increasing wild salmon populations in our local Phillips River. We have a hatchery on Sonora Island and our staff regularly volunteer in the spring and fall to help facilitate their growth. Salmon is a vital part of our eco-system, and it is our mandate to protect and maintain that eco-system.

What does this mean for you?  
We understand many of you have booked salmon fishing excursions already and our team will be in contact to assist in planning for your trip. You may choose to proceed with your saltwater fishing trip and enjoy the same great experience on the water, but releasing any Chinook salmon caught. You will also be offered the options of cancelling your saltwater fishing with a full refund, changing your travel dates to a period beyond July 15th with no penalty, or choosing from all the other activities we have to offer such as kayaking, wildlife and nature tours, river fly fishing, and more.

We welcome each and every one of you to get in contact with us if you would like to learn more and understand the new regulations from Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Please connect with us via email at info [at] or telephone 604-233-0460. Thank you.


Donna James, General Manager, Sonora Resort