Ford's share their Sonora experience

Dear Sean,

Jason and I just returned from our Sonora visit, and I would like to write you to thank you for a marvellous stay.

Each spring, Jason and I try to escape for a few days. We are the parents of four busy, very noisy children; by the time spring rolls around, we desperately need some quiet time. This year, we were looking for a BC wilderness resort that is close to Vancouver, but a world away from our busy urban life. We chose Sonora Resort because it is just forty-five minutes away.From the moment we stepped off the helicopter, we were enveloped by a sense of ease and relaxation. There are no cars, no traffic, no city bustle. All we could hear was the breeze and the ocean. It is amazing to me that such a brief trip can transport us from the busy city to complete seclusion.

A highlight of our trip was a hike to Florence Lake. Since the resort is surrounded by wilderness, we were a little worried about hiking. Your staff suggested we take the resort dogs, Lucky and Stella, on the hike. The dogs bounded ahead of us, making lots of noise as they raced up and down the path, in and out of the forest. They were thoroughly entertaining, and when we got back, they escorted us right to the door.

Another wonderful moment was our afternoon boat cruise. Our guide was Ben, who took us to a sheltered area where he expected we might find a bear. As we approached, he announced there was a “man in a fuzzy black suit” on the shoreline. A black bear was munching on grass very close to the shore. He noticed us coming, and occasionally stopped eating to sniff the air. We were perhaps 30 yards away, and through the binoculars we could see the details on his dark snout and his shoulder muscles moving as he shifted his weight. For nearly half an hour we sipped champagne and gazed at this mesmerizing animal. Please pass on our sincerest thank you to Ben and Travis who took us out that day. 

Our last night was our most memorable. There was an important hockey game on, so the staff set up the theatre for us. They served us wine and snacks as we cheered on our team. When the game was over, we had a real treat in store. Earlier in the day, we mentioned to Chef Terry how much we love Dungeness crab. He offered to prepare us a special crab dinner. We started with fresh oysters and a delightful asparagus salad. The crab was amazing, served with lobster bisque for dipping. We had many incredible meals at Sonora but this was an incredible treat. Many thanks to the staff for making this such a wonderful night.
Sean, we have nothing but fantastic things to say about our stay at Sonora. Your staff is absolutely stellar, the resort is gorgeous, and the scenery is simply breathtaking. Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful trip.

Angela and Jason Ford