The Taste of Summer at Sonora

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sonora Resort is well known for its sprawling, scenic natural surroundings. Sometimes food may be an afterthought for guests at the all-inclusive property, but after my first couple of bites in the dining room, was certainly wowed!

At my recent visit to Sonora in July, I was definitely impressed by Executive Chef Terry Pichor and his team. Not only does he execute dishes to perfection, many are unique and innovative. He also likes to use local products to celebrate the West Coast surroundings. I had three tasting menus back-to-back and let me just say it was difficult to go home after such wonderful meals!

Take Chef Terry’s Vancouver Island Octopus dish, for example. It was sliced so carefully with matching sauces and ingredients, including pipperade, pickled fennel, garlic, and Spanish olive oil. The octopus meat was tender and flavourful – so often octopus can be tasteless. The plating was beautiful.

Another standout included the Morel Mushroom Agnolotti. The agnolotti pasta was hand-made and cooked al dente. It was accompanied by white asparagus, English peas, and tendrils. It was part of the tasting menu, and is certainly a dish I could have had as a main.


Other favourites included a decadent black squid ink linguine with salmon and tuna, as well as the salmon carpaccio with sweet cucumber pearls.


On my last day, I had to try the Sonora burger. It was so juicy! The beef melted in my mouth, while the bacon was fabulously crispy. The bun was just the right size. The toothpick certainly helped to keep the burger in its place. One of the best burgers I’ve ever had. And the fries were no slouch either. I liked the size and the amount of salt seasoning peppered on top.

Sonora is a world-class culinary destination.


Tip: Ask Chef Terry to make a customized family-style meal for you of steamed crab and prawns. You just need to ask him a couple of days in advance!

- Sophia Cheng