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Executive Chef Justine Smith - Mushroom Pasta

11 July 2022 Sonora Resort featured in Montecristo Magazine

Sonora Resort's Chef, Justine Smith is a rising star and we are luck to have her. A huge thank you to Fiona Marrow and Montecristo for recognizing her: 

"With surroundings this magical, you don’t need a book, you won’t want your headphones, and be assured you will quickly forget about your phone.

You will need to eat, however, and luckily the resort’s Tyee restaurant that provides guests their breakfast, lunch, and dinner does not rely on the astonishing view to satiate. On the contrary, the food coming out of executive chef Justine Smith’s kitchen is some of the best you will find anywhere in the province, and likely beyond. It’s so good, you will look away from the hundreds of bald eagles perched on the small, wooded island to your left, put your eager scanning for whale sightings on pause, and feel no guilt turning your full attention to the glorious plates placed before you."

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