Wildlife Viewing

Sonora Resort is surrounded by wildlife. Birdwatchers can see Bonaparte’s gulls, bald eagles, great blue herons, cormorants,  and kingfishers—all are frequent visitors. River otters or minks have been seen scrambling along the rocks. Harbour seals are spotted daily from the deck. During the season, dolphins and porpoises sometimes frolic in the channel, and the occasional pod of orcas surfaces nearby. To ensure you get a good look, binoculars are provided in your room.

Here are some images of the wildlife around Sonora Resort.

Bald Eagles Feeding
Bald eagles
Sea Lion Battling an Octopus

Sea lion battling an octopus

Seals Basking in the Sun

seals basking in the sun

Black Bears Eating Barnacles
Black Bears
North American Red-Breasted Robin
Steller's Jay

Blue Jay

See the best viewing times for the most commonly seen species on the wildlife viewing chart here